Major savings potentials through reuse

Automatic analysis of tool stocks

Brain4Tools compares the required tools with your archive stock for every new job.

Objective - new production

Existing job #1

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Existing job #2

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New tool

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Gravure #Cyan

Tool takeover

Gravure #Black

Flexo #Red

Embossing #Gold

Flexo #Green


Flexo #Font

Archiving over the years

Brain4Tools saves the tool data for your printing tools over the years.
When you get a new job we compare this data with the required separations and can quickly and easily indicate which plates still need to be manufactured and which are already available.


Shortest possible setup times

One software replaces ten thousand lines in Excel

Brain4Tools records every single separation of your tools and then compares them in an automatic process. The Industry 4.0 software thereby enables the shortest possible setup times and saves on costly optimisation attempts using Excel or other non-industry software


Maximum information

Automatic, job-specific list generation

Previously, the printing sequence had to be determined manually by evaluating individual separations, now Brain4Tools takes care of this for you. The software compares print sheets with existing/already printed separations/tools and generates an optimal print sequence in under a minute. This enables you to plan your printing flexibly, in the shortest possible time without having to invest time and energy in the manual comparison of separations.

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Perfect order

Precise placing of your plates

Brain4Tools ensures your printing plates/printing tool storage is tidy. Our software can completely take over jobs which previously had to be carried out using detailed or less-detailed Excel lists. This will turn your printing plate storage into a modern, well-organised magazine in which you can find everything you need straight away.


2D code on every printing plate

A tiny code on each printing plate guarantees the unique allocation of a tool number and storage location. The Brain4Tools system scanner records this data and incorporates it in the software. This means that you can call up the condition and use of every printing plate/printing tool even after archiving and find it quickly and easily in your storage area when you want to reuse it.

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